Coolest Office
Downtown Port-Louis
Settle your office in a charming colonial house on an historic street in Port Louis.
We provide an inspiring location to make your day pleasantly productive.
The perfect place to work with like-minded creative people around.

About Us

Located in the very heart of the old Port-Louis our co-working space of 300 square meters is spread over two beautifully preserved colonial houses (dating from the 18th century) connected by a large cobblestone courtyard. A range of centennial trees provide cool natural shade and something beautiful and peaceful to look at while working. You won’t believe you’re downtown Port Louis.

We rent private offices (ranging from 2 to 6 positions) and single desks in an open space under simple month-to-month contracts. The offices design and decoration is a blend of colonial past and modern style. We offer all the functionality you need to take your business to the next level: Fully equipped conference rooms, chill-out outdoors lunch / meeting tables, fully functional “grandma’s” kitchen and bike-sharing facilities.

Gare Victoria and Labourdonnais bus stop are within walking distance. Public and private parking space is widely available too. We also provide shared-bikes so you can easily move around Port Louis.

Who is it for?

Small Size Teams

Your team is made of 2 to 6 people. You’re looking for cool office space in a central location. You want privacy but you don’t mind sharing common office resources like the meeting room, reception, kitchen, courtyard, etc. to keep rental costs low.

Startups - Freelancers- Digital Nomads

You are a boot-strapped entrepreneur working 24/7 on your project. You’re looking to transition from your home-office to a prestigious office location while surround yourself by like-minded people to keep inspiration high.

High quality

You are a creative professional looking to work from an inspiring yet functional location. The historical surroundings and outdoor working spaces will foster your creativity. St Georges is a lively neighbourhood during the day too!

Full Range of Services

Image Postal

Postal Address & Dedicated Phone

Prestigious business address for long-term residents.

Image Presentation

Fully equipped conference rooms

Projectors, speakers and microphones.

Image Reception

Reception Services

Receive clients like a king. Get basic admin support.

Image Dollar

Flexible Prices

Fair fees for access to great office facilities.

Image LightBulb

Inspiring Surroundings

Naturally enhance your creativity and productivity.

Image Shake

Interact with like-minded folks

We foster collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Encouraging Personal Connections

We support the philosophy of intentional coworking and foster human to human interaction.

Coworking is a also about joining people, both on the professional or personal basis. Sharing office space facilitates working together, finding business partners as well as making new friends and having fun together.

gif typeffect

Careful attention to detail and clean, well structured code ensures a smooth user experience for all your visitors.

We believe in coworking without a filter. Our community is strong when it is diverse. Diversity drives creativity and innovation.

Collaboration will always be stronger than competition. This is even more true in such a small island like ours.

We adhere to the coworking core values: Collaboration, Openness, Accessibility, Sustainability & Community.

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Join our growing community!


A Lively Neighbourhood

St Georges Street is a lovely and pleasant part of Port Louis, offering a good mix of facilities and leisure in a historical residential area. It’s like a small village in the middle of Port Louis where everybody knows each other and where there is some sense of community. The hood is frequented by entrepreneurs, designers, artists, students and its own residents. We highly encourage daily interaction with our neighbours 🙂

gif bike

Move Around St Georges Street by Shared Bike

Grab a bike, go for a ride, give it back! In today’s increasingly urban lifestyle, biking is the fastest, cheapest and most enjoyable way to get around the city than driving or walking, apart from demonstrating environmental consciousness and contributing to the well-being of your employees. Share one of our bikes to go for lunch, a meeting, the bank, postal office or quick afternoon shopping!

Food Plate

Food, food, food...!

Food is important to maintain a high level of energy and creativity. Dozens of restaurants, cafés, terraces, snacks and boutique chinoises are just a five minutes walk from our coworking space. Different food options are available for all pockets and all occasions: Quick lunch, take away or corporate lunch. On Tuesdays we even have door-delivery from the local marchand pistaches, trop bon! Discover all food venues by navigating through the interactive map…

Our Plans

We propose three basic plans giving access to all our cool shared facilities.

If you are a team, we’re ready to negotiate the prices so don’t hesitate to ask!

Courtyard Desk

Perfect for freelancers and Digital Nomads

  • Flat Fee
  • Rs1,990 / month

    8am - 5pm access to open air desks

  • Super Fast Wi-Fi
  • Outdoors Lunch & Meeting Tables
  • Lunch Amenities
  • +
  • 2hr Meeting Room


All inclusive – No extra fees
You are billed monthly
No deposit required

Private Desk

Perfect for Startuppers and Small Entrepreneurs

  • Flat Fee
  • Rs8,990 / month

    Daily access to your dedicated desk

  • Super Fast Wi-Fi
  • Outdoors Lunch & Meeting Tables
  • Lunch Amenities
  • +
  • 8h Meeting Room

    Business Postal Address

    Reception Services


All inclusive – No extra fees
You are billed monthly
No deposit required

Private Office

Perfect for small-sized teams (4 to 10 pax)

  • Starts as from
  • Rs20,000 / month

    Daily access to your dedicated desk

  • Super Fast Wi-Fi
  • Outdoors Lunch & Meeting Tables
  • Lunch Amenities
  • +
  • 20hr Meeting Room

    Business Postal Address

    Reception Services

    Business Phone Number


All inclusive – No extra fees
You are billed monthly
No deposit required

Incubation Services

Do you have an innovative business idea? We help early-stage startups get their ideas off the ground by providing capital, year-round mentoring, legal services, product development, networking events and office space.

We foster cross-country and inter-cultural startup teams. We incubate international businesses provided a company is incorporated in Mauritius. We are the perfect address for tech businesses targeting Africa and Europe from Mauritius.

Contact us

Always open. Creativity knows no office hours.

Where to meet

32 St.Georges Street

Say Hello

Phone: +230 214 12 43

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